TITLE OF SHOW: Celebrities with Heart
FORMAT OF SHOW: Talk Show/Reality Series (unscripted)
AUTHOR NAME:  Cie Allman-Scott, Ph.D.
PRODUCER NAME:  Dwight Yao, Craig McClure, Cie Allman-
LOGLINE:  A-list Celebrities or Famous People share their
success secrets, tips & causes / 501c3’s in an energetic
TREATMENT:  “Celebrities with Heart” will spotlight artists
encompassing the full spectrum of the entertainment
industry, as well as known, prominent people in business
and sports.  The show will focus on bringing attention to the
passion and effort of these celebrities to help the causes
they embrace. Interviews will address in detail the
celebrities’ commitment to their selected programs. The
episodes illustrate the value and work of the charities, and
may also highlight some of the fundraisers and formal
events.  By concentrating on their philanthropic
engagement, the show aims to increase awareness of the
multiple programs celebrities champion, and the need for
support by the general public through inspiring the viewers
to help or contribute.  The broadcast of the show creates a
win-win for all participants:
        Celebrities benefit from positive PR by
demonstrating they are helpful and have a heart.
        The causes championed receive needed attention
and added funding opportunities.
        Viewers absorb content of a positive nature and may
be inspired to help active organizations.

Celebrities Who Care is currently a registered 501c3.

Hosted by Dr. Cie (Cie Allman-Scott, (Media Psychologist,
Keynote Speaker and comedienne), we will shoot on
location as needed, not always a typical studio set with
talking heads---think LIVELY and UPBEAT! Celebrities may
have a chance to play games to win money for their
charities!  Celebrities Who Care is a charity that supports
multiple charities.


•        Cie Allman- Scott - Office: 310.621.6300
Mobile/TEXT: 602.750.8570

•        Nancy Green-Office: 310-621-6300
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Title: Celebrities with Heart